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dogs don't kill people

bad pet owners kill people

Breedists? No!
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# What is Breedists_No?
Breedists_No is a community that runs on the belief that there are no bad dogs; just bad owners.

# What does breedism mean?
It is a term used widely in the canine world to describe a sort of canine racism targeted at certain breeds and types of dogs, such as pit bull-type dogs, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Akitas and so on.

# What is the mission of Breedists_No?
To prove that dogs are only as bad as you make them, and with proper training, socialization, breeding and exercise, any dog can be that perfect companion you've always dreamt about.

# May I post pictures and stories of my non bad rap dogs?
Sure you can. Many breeds, bad rap are not, have suffered unneccessary stigma from the media. All breeds or mixed breeds are welcome here.

#1) First and foremost, rules are to be obeyed by all members.
#2) Do not expect to flame, troll, or anything of the sort, unless you like being banned.
#3) Discussions are fine, but arguments are not. Don't do them.
#4) One or two un-cut pictures are fine, but please put multiple (especially larger) pictures behind a cut. The tag for cuts is < lj-cut > without the spaces.
#5) Community plugs are fine, but please make sure they're on topic. (IE. related the dogs or BSL issues.)
#6) Training questions are always welcome, but keep in mind that if you're not open to the advice people have to offer, everyone is going to become frustrated and probably won't be so willing to help the next time around.
#7) Dog-related articles are always welcome.
#8) Introductions aren't mandatory, but are encouraged.
#9) No spamming. Spamming is joining and advertising a product or website. Our members are not a source to be mined for your gain.
#10) ...and most obviously of all, don't be a breedist. They suck.

Save Caiman!
Help Save Caiman -- [more info here]

Places of Interest:
  # http://www.badrap.org
  # http://www.pbrc.net
  # http://www.unchainyourdog.org
  # http://www.stoppuppymills.org
  # http://www.dogwatch.net
  # http://www.adoa.org
  # http://www.dogsdeservebetter.com
  # http://www.dogbitelaw.com
  # http://www.goodpooch.com
  # http://www.dogbreedinfo.com
  # http://www.petfinder.com
  # http://www.aspca.org
  # http://www.hsus.org
  # http://www.akc.org
  # http://www.ukcdogs.com
  # http://www.deviantart.com/view/11454716
  # http://www.canismajor.com/dog/laws1.html
  # http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/legislation.html
  # http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html
  # What is a backyard breeder?
  # All Dogs Forum

Recommended Communities:
  # dobermans -- A community for the Doberman Pinscher, a wonderful breed.
  # germanshepherds -- A community for the versatile German Shepherd Dog.
  # dog_tales -- A general dog community with a relaxed atmosophere.
  # dogtrainers -- A community for dog trainers.
  # schutzhund_dogs -- A community for the hard-bitten German sport of Schutzhund.
  # rawdogs -- A community for the species appropiate diet of raw (meat and bone) pet food.
  # stupidpetowners -- A community that showcases the kind of people that shouldn't own dogs.
  # workingdogs -- A community for working dog breeds.
  # rottweilers -- A community for the playful Rottweiler breed.
  # dogsintraining -- General dog training community.
  # petbulls -- A community for bulldog-type breeds.
  # hounds_of_hell -- A community for the misunderstood American Pit Bull Terrier.
  # driveforlife -- A community dedicated to saving the lives of shelter dogs.
  # positivelydog -- A community for positive dog training methods.
  # dogswithkids -- A community for the relationships between dogs and kids.
  # squareheads_yes -- Another pro-pit bull community.
  # japanese_akitas -- A community dedicated to Japanese Akitas (Akita Inu).


Community Maintainers:
  # tenna -- pippinislove@gmail.com

Please direct all problems and concerns to the Maintainers.

Link to us:

# B_N is dedicated to the loving memory of Sorrow and Virtue. #

# breedists_no was founded by _canine #
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