URGENT Isaac needs a home by the end of the week!! Chicago area

Hey everyone, me again, with yet another dog from my school that needs a home. This is Isaac.


He's been in our program since March. Is currently being treated for heartworm. His original foster home could no longer keep him and is now back at the school's kennel. Isaac does NOT do well in a kennel environment and needs a home to at the very least be fostered at. Due to his issues in the kennel and his heartworm positive status he will be euthanized if he does not receive a home by the end of this week. If you have any further questions ask me or contact my school. Contact information should be on their adoption page.

Again we're in the Chicago area. Sorry for the cross-posting
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Hey i was wondering if anyone has or knows where i can get a "punish the deed not the breed" bracelet? I am desperately trying to tack down the orange one i bought for a fun raiser (i think) and its in my home somewhere but i was thinking of possible finding one like it or nicer.

Two years later, Penelope Loulinski the "foster dog" who came to be stabbed, purple, emaciated and small dog aggressive is a resident. she is an ESA dog and gets along fine with little dogs after training and conditioning. We are slowly on our way to service status. I wish i had named her poundcake..sigh

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I haven't posted here, probably in years.

But Merlin, my chow-X just had his ninth birthday (more or less - when exactly it is is a mystery), and that happened to coincide with a really great picture.

Happy Birthday, darlin'. You've come a long way in those 9 years. Puppy Pic.

And, to keep things on topic: I think after 9 years we can safely say that my inlaws and mother, who thought he was going to eat my then toddlers, were wrong.
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I thought I had posted this *months* ago, but I guess I hadn't. This was brought to my attention over the summer by a friend on a dog forum who went through a similar ordeal (but was able to have her pet returned).

Lennox was seized from his home in Belfast on May 19th for being a "pitbull type" which is illegal according to the DDA. Lennox is a loving family dog who is microchipped, DNA registered, neutered, insured, etc who's had no problems in the past.

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My 2 year old pit/amer. bulldog has bit twice now. 1st time i let it slide because my friend was drunk and loud and my husband wasn't home. so i just thought he was protecting me. although he bit him in the butt when he was leaving.

2nd time. my husband and i weren't home. our roommate let another friend into the house and he bit him hard. he knows him though. been over dozens of times. i don't get it.

was he protecting me? protecting the female rott we have?

any ideas why he is doing this? what do i need to do?